How to Get Referrals Using WhatsApp Group and Telegram Groups to your QuickGetPay Income Bundle To Earn At Least ₦40,000 Weekly Consistently

Hello QuickGetPay Earners!


Today QuickGetPay would be showing to you how to get massive Referrals Daily using your WhatsApp Group and Telegram Group.

One of the best ways to get fat earnings to your Bank is by you getting social and not be lazy. Making legitimate income online isn’t something that can just happen over night. It takes dedication, time and most importantly determination and never be lazy.

So if you are not lazy. The first step for you to do is to Install WhatsApp on your phone or Telegram App on your phone as well.

Download WhatsApp Here, Download Telegram Here.

Download QuickGetPay APP here from Playstore




  1. Create a WhatsApp Group/Telegram Group. Name is QuickGetPay Income, QuickGetPay Earning or whatever name that goes inline with the QuickGetPay brand – you are permitted.
  2. Get as many PAYOUT PROOFS, BANK ALERTS, BANK STATEMENTS of payments made to other QuickGetPay Members from our Official Facebook Group, your Whatsapp groups, other Members Whatsapp groups, save them to your phone and use it to showcase to your potentials Referrals about the payments received from other QuickGetPay Members.
  3. Write and talk about QuickGetPay – Use QuickGetPay Banners, images as your Whatsapp Status and other platforms you can showcase the brand so your friends can ask you about QuickGetPay.
  4. Get awesome REAL and GENUINE testimonials from our awesome Members HERE!
  5. Get your WhatsApp/Telegram Group Invite link and share it to your Facebook Profile, Instagram Page and Twitter Handle.
  6. Add your friends and relatives to the WhatsApp/ Telegram Group – Get writeups from QuickGetPay Income page by pasting regularly and updating your friends about QuickGetPay in your group.
  7. Control the influx of spam postings in your group by turning on privacy control if necessary.
  8. Get coupons to register for your interested friends and family from our Authorized Coupon Dealers here nationwide.
  9. Earn more and more money.
  10. Send your ALERTS and Payment proofs to more Referrals to your Whatsapp Groups and Facebook Group.
  11. Create more WhatsApp Group and Telegram groups as many as you can manage to keep getting more Referrals for your earning.
  12. Repeat the steps as above to continually earning.


Happy Earning!


QuickGetPay Income Bundle

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