2019 A War Is Brewing! Yoruba’s Hausa’s Protect Yourselves, The War Is Coming


The saga with the chief justice of Nigeria is definitely getting out of hand. The Chief Justice has awakened a new course  the federal govt  has stepped  on a sleeping lion and that is the Niger delta Militants.

They also went ahead to call on all the northerners and Yoruba’s who had oil well to make sure they vacate with  immediate effect or else face wit the consequences of ignoring their threats.

“We shall shut down all the oil wells in the Niger Delta. We call on all the northerners and Yoruba who own oil wells in the Niger Delta to prepare to vacate immediately.

The Niger Deltans have vowed on Sunday not to hold back in attacking the oil wells in that part of the country, this of course is as a result of the decision of the federal govt to put the chief justice on trial, the group have claimed that they will be having none of it and the federal has to stop its proceeds or a war like never before will be unleashed in Nigeria.This vow was made on Sunday. The chief justice of Nigeria is to be brought before the bench on Monday  and the arraignment is to take place before the code of conduct tribunal over the crime of non deceleration of asset.

The group of militants have declared that they were extremely shocked with the development and insisted vehemently that onnoghen trial was simply brought forward that he was Niger Deltan and the trial was more of a persecution rather than a formal trial conducted under a democratic govt. The militants have boldly proclaimed that they would not stand for it and have insisted that under no circumstance would Onnoghen undergo the trial.

The militants have further brought to light the fact Onnoghen  petition was simply the crafty handiwork of President Mohammed Buhari, and the reason for this was to push him out as the chief justice in Nigeria and replace him with a northerner so as to make the way smooth for him in the election that will be taking place next month. This statement put forth by the group was signed by  John Duku who belongs to the  Niger Delta Watchdogs and Convener,

the other agitators include   Benjamin from the  Bakassi Strike Force Osarolor Nedam from Niger Delta Warriors, Henry Okon Etete  from Niger Delta Peoples Fighters and Asukwo Henshaw  from Bakassi Freedom Fighters. According to the quote it was stated that the appointment of the chief justice was confirmed by vice president Osinbajo, before the confirmation President Mohammed Buhari had refused to confirm his appointment, and it was during his sickness while the president was in Britain that he was finally confirmed into the position.


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