We Have Credible Evidence Atiku, PDP Want To Subvert Nigeria- FG


Nigerian government on Saturday reiterated that it has sufficient and credible evidence that the opposition party, PDP and its presidential flagbearer in the 2019 elections are on a mission to overthrow the President, attack the economy and enleash mayhem on the polity.

Minister of Information and Culture, Alh. Lai Mohammed at an annual 12th Ramadan lecture which held at his Oro country home in Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara State, explained that security agencies have since remained watchfull and are alive to their responsibilities.

Mohammed said, “Our interventions are based on credible evidence, and no government with the kind of evidence that we have, of plans to subvert the power of the state, attack the nation’s economic life wire, and generally unleash mayhem on the polity, will keep quiet.

“The security agencies are all alert to their responsibilities and will not sit by and allow anyone to reverse the gains of our democracy under any guise.”

The minister called on Nigerians, across religious and ethnic divides, to pray for peace and unity of the country.

He said, “I make this request against the background of those who are daily plotting to exploit our national fault lines of religion and ethnicity, those who masquerade as democrats but can’t take electoral defeat, those who will not hesitate to collude with anti-democratic forces and dead-enders to fan the embers of violence in the country, and those who have elevated their personal ambition over and above our survival as a nation.”

Meanwhile, Media Adviser to the former Vice President, Mr. Paul Ibe said Nigerians must learn not to take the Information Minister serious anymore.

In his words, “the man has run out of smart arguments and what he does these days is to make allegations he cannot substantiate.”

He called on Lai Mohammed to feel free to present his evidence before the relevant security agencies or keep his peace and allow Atiku to pursue his case at the election petition tribunal to a logical conclusion.

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