QuickGetPay Outstanding Payout Information

Greetings to you QuickGetPay Earners! (Formerly GistMedia)

We strongly want to emphasize strongly regarding pending PAYOUTS from GistMedia.
On re-branding from GistMedia, we not only re-branded the platform with a new design and domain, we rebranded with the outstanding payouts currently to be paid – which means all OUTSTANDING PAYOUTS and new PAYOUTS would be PAID to your Nigerian Bank Account.
We want to make our members understand and make it clear, thus, to know that most of the issues that affected GistMedia was that the revenue from GistMedia wasn’t enough to cater for the payouts of our members, thus the need for us to liaise with other Team Members with QuickGetPay Income Bundle to make sure we not only are able to disburse payouts but to systematically pay our Members on time weekly basis with no longer delays.
Reading news on our platform thereby getting good source of income with it is our ultimate goal. Therefore, we want to respect this objective. We are in the final stages of collating the outstanding payouts from Former GistMedia Members who placed Withdrawal request to be paid, by this week, we would clear the outstanding payouts and new WITHDRAWAL portal for the request would be opened which would usher a new beginning of QuickGetPay Members to place withdrawal request.
So we advice you to get yourself onboard of QuickGetPay Income Bundle as this platform would definitely make you earn good and legitimate income this time. Keep your earnings, Keep your account. Make sure you are onboard.
Please keep your friends informed, your family and everyone to get themselves registered and join QuickGetPay Income. Its going to be massive this time.
Many a persons who have never benefited from enjoying Income from a legitimate Reading News Revenue sharing, now is the time to get yourself onboard.
Thank you once again for your understanding, welcome onboard.



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