QuickGetPay Earners!

If your Earnings has already been deducted from your account during which we were GistMedia ( i.e from your GistMedia.ng Account then) which is now QuickGetPay (QuickGetPay Income Bundle), PLEASE IMMEDIATELY send us a SCREENSHOT Account Detailing the deducted funds from your PAYOUTS SECTION and send to QuickGetPay.
  • QuickGetPay needs to confirm the BANK ACCOUNT on our system which s yours is still active.
  • We want to confirm you still own possession of your QuickGetPay (GistMedia) Account.
  • We want to confirm the data in your account has not been changed.
  • QuickGetPay doesn’t want to send payouts to the WRONG BANK Accounts as we would not be held liable and responsible for this.

Once again, screenshot, your DEDUCTED FUNDS and send to QuickGetPay Email

[email protected]

Please click on SUPPORT/CONTACT US from your account area to send us your screenshot of your account.
We would confirm this and match it with your deducted FUNDS before you would be paid this weekend.

WARNING: If we do not receive proofs of deductions from your account, please note that you would not be paid as the PAYOUT would be carried over to the next batch we would pay the general Members on QuickGetPay.


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