QuickGetPay NON-REFERRAL or 1 REFERRAL Easy Payout System Consistently!

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Over the past months since we re-branded. We’ve decided to come up with a system to make sure Members with NON-REFERRAL or just  1 REFERRAL on QuickGetPay can get paid easily and consistently.

We have cancelled out a whole lot of rules to make sure YOU as a QuickGetPay Member without REFERRAL or just 1 REFERRAL, you are not only guaranteed to get paid of your QuickGetPay Activity Earnings, but also get it consistently from us – to your Nigerian BANK ACCOUNT.

Below Are The Rules We’ve Cancelled Out For YOU To Get Paid without REFERRALS or with 1 REFERRAL on QuickGetPay Before Which is Now Presently No Longer Required!


  1. Create a BLOG Post 
  2. Create a Facebook Group with at least 20 Members  
  3. Create/Make a Video of QuickGetPay to upload to your Youtube Platform  
  4. Create a Post on a reputable News Platform about QuickGetPay  
  5. Avoid SPAM Earning of QuickGetPay  

We’ve decided to do away with all the rules outlined above to make sure you get PAID without REFERRALS. We understand that NOT everyone can substantially refer their friends and family due to a number of reasons best known to them. So therefore, QuickGetPay is READY to not only PAY you to your BANK Account of your QuickGetPay Activity Earnings but consistently to your NIGERIAN BANK Account every single month if you do NOT have Referrals or you have 1 Referral at the end of each month. But if you have more than 2 Referrals, you would be paid each week.

Below Are the BASIC and Simple Rules to Getting Paid Without Referrals

  1. Guaranteed PAYOUT to your Nigerian Bank account of a minimum Balance of ₦5000  (QuickGetPay Activity Earnings + QuickGetPay Sponsor Earnings) 
  2. Post avivdly and consistently, QuickGetPay SPONSOR POST – It must be up to date. 
  3. Get Paid once per month. 

This means you only need to be consistent with QuickGetPay SPONSOR POST and in addition, request for PAYOUT once per month for you to get Paid.

N.B: If you have 2 REFERRALS and above, you can get paid on that entire week.


In SUMMARY: 2 REFERRALS on QuickGetPay guarantees you to get paid that week. If you are not able to get 2 REFERRALS for that week, you can wait till the end of the month to cash out your Balance minimum of ₦5000  (QuickGetPay Activity Earnings + QuickGetPay Sponsor Earnings).

0 or 1 Referral = 1 times Per Month PAYOUT  
2 and above Referrals = 1 times Per Week PAYOUT  


With the above implementation of these, we can but say we’ve now changed the scope by which YOU can get paid. It is GUARANTEED you will get Paid by QuickGetPay Income Bundle. This implementation is starting from this week. You would be able to see the next PAYOUT of your ₦5000 minimum balance of  (QuickGetPay Activity Earnings + QuickGetPay Sponsor Earnings) or ₦5000 minimum Balance of (QuickGetPay Activity Earnings + QuickGetPay Sponsor Earnings + Affiliate Earning).


Another Reason to LOVE QuickGetPay! Earn without Breaking the Law Legitimately, enormously.


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Please if you do have any question regarding the New NON REFERRAL way of earning, kindly contact us here.



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