NASA on the verge of finding life on Mars, reports reveal


American space agency, NASA is about to find life on the Red Planet Mars, but Earthlings may not be ready yet for this phenomenal discovery.
According to a report in the Indian Express, which quoted NASA’s Dr. Jim Green, two rovers bound for the Red Planet from the agency and the European Space Agency (ESA) may find scientific evidence to support the notion that there is indeed life on Mars!
These rovers will be launched in 2020 and are scheduled to land on Mars in March 2021.
The Rosalind Franlin rover of ESA’s ExoMars mission is expected to find possible extra-terrestrial life on Mars. It will collect Martian soil sample by drilling into the Red Planet’s surface.
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Talking to The Telegraph, Green said that the discovery would start a whole new line of thinking.
He added that humanity is not yet prepared for the results. Green was worried about it because NASA is close to finding it and make announcements regarding the same.
NASA’s own Mars mission will also conduct research by drilling into the Martian rocks. NASA’s Mars mission will not only have all the tools for drilling but it will also have Mars Helicopter attached with the Mars 2020 rover.
The discovery of alien-life on Mars, according to the report quoting Green, will add a new arena for scientists to explore, and lot many questions to answer.

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