The Ankara fabric is very versatile and it can be transformed to not just dresses but also different accessories you’ll like to rock.

The days of just using Ankara strictly for clothing are totally gone and most people have embraced the new accessories made with the fabric. Today, so many amazing things are being made from Ankara. One of those accessories we’ll be looking at is the Ankara bag.

Ankara bags was infused into the fashion world few years ago and they are still very much trendy. When it comes to styling an Ankara bag the options might seem limited. This is because the patterns and prints might not pair well with all outfits yet you can always find a way around it.

You can play safe by pairing Ankara bag with plain colors. Here are some of the ways you can rock the Ankara bag.

Folake Kuye Huntoon rocked Ankara print with a jumpsuit [Credit: Folake Kuye Huntoon]
Instagram/ Folake Kuye Huntoon

Ankara purse on a plain gown [Credit: Tilas Beauty and Makeup]
Tilas Beauty and Makeup

Mix and match with Ankara bag [Credit: FabWoman]
Fab Woman

Rocking an Ankara bag with a plain color play-suit is perfect for the weekend [Credit: FabWoman]

Matching your outfit with the most dominant color of your Ankara bag [Credit: The Beauty Legalista]