QuickGetPay Payouts Delay/ Payouts Reschedule/ Maintenance Structure

Dear QuickGetPay Earners!


We would like to strongly inform you  that QuickGetPay systems is currently undergoing some restructuring maintenance which has made us made serious and drastic changes from our mode of operation to payouts.

Most of QuickGetPay revenue has been disbursed out to pay out our GistMedia amount we owe. As you can observe almost ₦1 Million Naira was paid out to fulfill this task of the debt we did. This is to let you know we are not going anywhere. we would be here till you earn from QuickGetPay non-stop.


In the last 2 most, we have paid out almost ₦8 Million naira in pure cash out to our Members. This hasn’t been esay for our brand but we would continually strive to do more. 

Our ADVERTISING REVENUE experienced a deep nose dive from Google AdSense, if you observe, we have completely removed the Google AdSense Ads from the QuickGetPay platfrom. We have channeled our revenue to local advertisement structures for more earnings, this means we would heavily depend on Sponsored Ads, local ad, banner ads rotational payments for this. In the future, we may re-instate Google AdSense for this in other for us to generate more earnings to pay our Members easily.

Currently, we are already almost done with the restructuring of QuickGetPay systems. As at this moment, we’ve done the PAYOUTS REVIEW and we would be finalizing it by deducting Members.

We want to sincerely APOLOGIZE to our esteemed Members to be patient with us for our restructuring in our staff, office and more of our system software for payouts to be completed as we would process PAYOUTS immediately once this has been completed.

Please note that once these slight maintenance in our structure has been completed, payouts would immediately be processed. At the moment, we currently advice QuickGetPay Members to continually earn with other means and methods lid down for them to earn.


Thank you all.

QuickGetPay Income Bundle



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