Three protesters killed in latest unrest as Iraq tries to reopen port


At least three anti-government protesters have been killed in latest clashes with security forces in southern Iraq, as authorities tried to reopen the country’s main port, which had been blocked by demonstrators for three days.
Security and medical officials said a protester was killed and eight more were wounded in Umm Qasr, a key oil terminal on the Persian Gulf.
Iraq has seen massive anti-government demonstrations in Baghdad and across the mostly Shiite south since October 25.
The protests are calling for an overhaul of the political system established after the 2003 US-led invasion, accusing the government and major political parties of corruption and incompetence.

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13 Comments on “Three protesters killed in latest unrest as Iraq tries to reopen port”

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    Protests is the only power of the people. But there’s no justification whatsoever for killing an individual just because he asks for his right or tries to air out his sentiment. A good government must be attentive to the plights of it’s people and also show tolerence even if what they agitate for is ridiculous.

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