Tens of Thousands👥 Celebrate 🇯🇵Japan Emperor’s Enthronement*


*Tens of Thousands👥 Celebrate 🇯🇵Japan Emperor’s Enthronement*

Tens of thousands of people gathered on Saturday at a national festival to celebrate the enthronement of Japan’s Emperor Naruhito with dancers and pop stars offering jubilant performances.

Some 10,000 citizens who won hard-to-get tickets and 20,000 invited guests attended the evening festival at Tokyo’s Imperial Palace Plaza, which was broadcast live across the nation.

The festival came after Naruhito completed his ascension to the Chrysanthemum throne on October 22 in a ceremony steeped in the traditions and grandeur of a monarchy that claims 2,000 years of history.

J-pop group Arashi performed a song composed for the event.

Earlier in the day, another 30,000 people enjoyed local dancing performances at the venue.


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