Any medical or native doctor in the house?


A brother needs your help

Please doctors in the house I need help…..!!

I have noticed this unusually stain of blood in my boxers every time I come back home from work but I thought it was nothing until I went to use the restroom one day when i observed this redness in my urine. After the urine, comes a think long red worm-like thing coming out followed by blood. Jeez!

Next day, I rushed to General hospital to see a doctor, he suspect schistosomes/fluke worm. He recommended some tests 1) M/S/U or M/C/S,( 2) FCBY (3) E/U/C . All came out negative.

Wrote some drugs which I have taken for almost a week now. The blood stopped 4 days and came back again on the 5th day that I am supposed to take the last dosage.

When I sleep at night now, my boxers gets wet again with the lond red worm….

NB: Doctor keep asking if I come from Ondo state, and when last I visited village, I work closely around water.
I am married with kids……
Doctors in the house I need help….
Anyone with similar issue in the past please help with how you went about it….
I have visited herbal woman… she called it atosi eleje…. meaning Blood or dry gonohea which I doubt…

If you must insult me, also proffer solution. Thank you….

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