5 Things To Remove From Your Wedding Budget In 2020


Weddings have become so cliché and I seriously think its time to do things differently.

People are out here spending millions on basic weddings incorporating things that are not really necessary simply because they are following the customary wedding rule books.

While some brides and grooms want a show-stopping wedding full of glitz and glamour, increasingly, we are seeing another section of brides and grooms going for simple elegant weddings.

After all, a wedding is basically a small ceremony for your loved ones to witness your union and celebrate with you so you don’t need all the pizzazz sometimes.

In fact, I think people getting married should drop these things to save on costs.

Of course, these are just my own opinions so if you want to have an over the top wedding and you have all the money to splurge on it, you’re free to. This is for those couples who form wedding committees aka marrying at the expense of other people. We are not contributing for anyone in 2020 so here are the items you need to drop:

1. Intricate flower arrangements.

Listen, if the venue is already beautiful, you absolutely do not need flowers. End of discussion.

2. An expensive gown.

Did you all see the simple dress that Wambui Kamiru wore when she was getting married to Bob Collymore? Yet, collectively, they probably have millions in their accounts. There is no need to spend hundreds of thousands on a dress you will wear once. Instead, go for a simple but stunning tailor-made gown or rent one from rent-a-dress stores. You could also go for something borrowed, say a dress that your mother or grandma wore and customize it a little to get the perfect finish and fit.

3. A convoy.

For what purpose? To make noise in the estate, hooting while heading to church so that people can come out and see you are getting married? Nowadays, so many people own cars. Get your friends to drive the bridesmaids and groomsmen then rent a bus to transport family. If anything, you just need one car to transport the bride. Even the groom can take an Uber, abi? Lol, I’m kidding but you get my point man, instead of that limo, have your mates do the driving job after all they’re part of the wedding guests so its basically killing two birds with one stone so to speak.

4. Wedding invites.

In this day and age, who is not on Whatsapp? And, why are they not on Whatsapp? Create a group and invite people to the group. That way, you can easily keep track of those who will attend and those who will not make it. For those still stuck in the stone age or too bourgeois to use Whatsapp, you can give them a quick call as an invite. Making personalized invites takes so much time and money.

5. Bridesmaids.

Unless they are buying their own clothes and whatnot, leave them out. You actually do not need bridesmaids. Meghan Markle didn’t have any either. You’ll be just fine.


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