Joke Silva reacts to BBNaija Mercy and Ike’s sultry photo

The duo however came under fire as on social media after as Nigerians thought it was too raunchy while other thought it was pure plagiarism.

Veteran Nollywood actress, Joke Silva has reacted to the viral picture. According to the vetran actress its wrong for Mercy to expose her body while Ike’s was covered. Joke felt it was a degradation of the female gender.

In her words:

I really dont get this…the lady half exposed the man fully clothed….de we get the implication

In the photo, Mercy could be seen sitting on Ike’s lap in a clothing that had the full glare of her buttocks. The shoot actually looks like a replica of the American reality TV star and her rapper boyfriend.

See some of reactions below:

*** This girl does not have sense. Period. It’s not her fault though, she is a product of her environment.

*** Travis and Kylie don suffer. Wtf is this!!! No originality. Just straight plagiarism

*** Original Vs Igbo Made

*** Actually thought the other one was photoshopped

*** Must they copy!!!! Chai, no creativity whatsoever Mtchewww…

*** There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the pics, unless you’re trying to accuse them for copying.

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