Boom!Tonto Dike mocks Her Father Ask Why His Is Not Rich Like Otedola


In what comes as quite funny news, Tonto Dikeh has come out to troll her daddy, querying him as to where he was when the likes of Otedola and Dangote were making their money.

Tonto’s playful rant came after it was revealed that Florence Otedola aka DJ Cuppy got a gift of 5.1 billion naira from her father, Femi Otedola as a donation to her Save The Children foundation.

Taking to Instagram, Tonto wrote;

“5billion!!! No no no I am not angry I am just here wondering what my father was doing when Dangote was getting richer??? I need to know if he just went to God for a fine face cause man is super facial hawt and forgot to ask for money…11 years in foundation spending my own money without help and boom one one with 1 min experience…las las its who has money not who has passion. God bless Otedola for the next generation he is about to bless… I just wish you bless them thru other working foundations,”

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