LRCN to introduce qualifying exam for prospective librarians

The Librarians Registration Council of Nigeria said it will introduce qualifying examinations for prospective Librarians to ensure that those certified in Nigeria are at par with their counterparts across the globe.
Libraries play key roles in service delivery in the education sector. Today in Nigeria, there are many graduates of library science but few are librarians.
The librarian’s registration Council of Nigeria said it is keen to ensure that Nigerian librarians meet international standards by undergoing a
qualifying examination from now on.
There have been several arguments on the relevance of the library in the 21st century as some scholars with the advent of the internet which many
scholars say has taken over the library information. Service.
At this 6th Conference and 10th induction of certified Librarians, speakers emphasize the need for Nigeria librarians to embrace information Technology in their operations.
The council charges graduates of library and information sciences to apply for library registration Council of Nigeria certification or risk not being
employed or promoted.

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