Arsenal to Sack Unai Emery Today?


If I was a better man, I probably won’t be so tempted to troll Arsenal and Manchester United fans this morning but I am not much of a good person. Personally, as an Arsenal I am resigned from supporting them until the Arsenal board grows a pair and kicks Emery out of the Emirates. After my essay yesterday analyzing the likely replacements at Arsenal and United, I got a few kicks from some of my readers who felt some of my analysis were out of place especially with regards to Ole Gunnar Solksjaer. One of them texted me, invoking the Sir Alex Fergusson history about how it took him a long time to figure out his tactics and put United on the pedestal with which the world looks at them right now. Unfortunately for that argument though, it doesn’t take into account the fact that Solksjaer’s United are becoming unpopular. Say what you might about Jose Mourinho but his United team had more bite and character than this current lot. Let’s take a look at their noisy neighbors over at the Etihad, City are currently on a bad run but can you compare their bad form this season to United’s in the last two years? It is impossible. For instance, Guardiola is in his fourth season at City and this is the worst run in that period. Although his first season wasn’t so flattering either with regards to his pedigree. The City board are very decisive when it comes to firing underperforming coaches else there is no reason why they kicked Manuel Pellegrini or Roberto Mancini out of the job. Although no one is talking about it, but I don’t believe Guardiola would remain at his job if City doesn’t do something special this season. And something special isn’t winning any of the domestic trophies, they must attempt to win the Champions League if Guardiola hopes to remain at that job irrespective of the competition. That is the kind of decisiveness that the United board needs to have in order to restore the glory days back to Old-Trafford. Losing games to clubs like Astana doesn’t imbibe a lot of confidence on the players or the fan base.
Talking about Unai Emery, the Arsenal board needs to make the decision about his future today and not leave it till later. They should appoint Freddie Ljunberg to manage in a caretaking capacity until they find someone with the right pedigree to take over. Any other thing will just be plain stupidity. The fear of not disrupting the team or the disrupting the season by keeping a coach who seems to be out of ideas will only hurt the team even more. Last night’s game was one of the most atrocious Arsenal performances I have seen in recent years at the Emirates stadium. And the assumption that perhaps the quality of the team is what is letting Emery down is a lie from the darkest pits of hell. This squad is the strongest Arsenal has had in about ten years. A squad with this much quality and depth shouldn’t be struggling to win games, a squad this good shouldn’t be losing to Eintracht Frankfurt at the Emirates.