Aisha Buhari attacks Ministers, Governors, says things getting worse in Nigeria


Aisha Buhari, Nigeria’s First Lady, has attacked Ministers and Governors over an unending security crisis and poor governance in the country. Mrs. Buhari slammed state Governors and Ministers for failing to provide basic social amenities and infrastructure for the people. He lamented that things were getting out of hands in the country. She said rising cases of insecurity, which she said was as a result of injustice, had made it impossible for some Nigerians to travel to their states and villages and live peacefully. She same her husband cannot handle the challenges facing the state alone. Aisha admonished political leaders to work together to bring the country out of the doldrums. The First Lady spoke at the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs General Assembly and national executive council meeting at the National Mosque in Abuja yesterday. Lamenting the high rate of insecurity in the country, Aisha said if the needful was not done, Nigerians would regret the outcome of insecurity soon. Aisha announced, “We either fasten our seatbelts and do the needful or we all regret it very soon because, at the rate things are going, things are getting completely out of hands.
“The VP (Yemi Osinbajo) is here. Some ministers are here. They are alleged to do justice to true.
“People cannot afford potable water during this country whereas we’ve got governors. Since this is often the best decision-making body of monotheism affairs, for those that are listening, we should fear God, and we should know that one day, we will pay matter to God and account for our deeds here on earth.
“On this matter of social media, you cannot just sit in the comfort of your house and tweet that the Vice President has resigned. It is a serious issue. If China will management over one.3 billion people on social media, I see no reason why Nigeria cannot attempt controlling only 180 million people.
“We must do justice to ourselves. Most of us here, as a result of a long time of injustice done to others, cannot go to our villages and sleep with our two eyes closed.
“We all apprehend that my husband has 3 years to travel. We either fasten our seatbelts and do the needful or we all regret it very soon.”

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