Super eagles coach Gernot Rohr has done a good job indeed

66-year-old German was employed by the Nigeria Football Federation in 2016.

He has qualified Nigeria for the World Cup and Africa Cup of Nations and led the Super Eagles to a third place finish in AFCON 2019.

Nevertheless, he has set a trend for other coaches to follow by making use of players who are very active in their respective clubs.

The invitation to the national team isn’t based on favoritism, ethnicity or hypocrisy.

Apart from the Nigerian national team, he has coached the Gabonese, Burkina Faso, Niger and Guinean national teams in Africa .

His recent wins came against Benin republic and Lesotho.

The coach has given the players the freedom to express themseleves on the ball, a standard football philosophy has been inputed coupled with free flowing attacking football.

His tactical acumen is top notch, making him stand out as one of the top coaches in Africa at the moment.

Rohr has a 55% win rate for Nigeria. The likes of Stephen Keshi and Clemens Westerhof are the only Coaches who could be rated above Gernot Rohr.

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