How To Withdraw your Earnings from QuickGetPay through NewsPayForum to your Bank account Instantly.

Dear QuickGetPay Earners!

Congratulations! At last QuickGetPay Members would get paid.

As you may observe, we have moved to NewsPayForum. Now is the time for you to get your Cash to your Bank account. As it is, we have moved to NewsPayFoum which means your payouts would be moved and paid to your Bank from NewsPayForum which is your QuickGetPay Earnings.


Follow the steps to Withdraw your Earnings from QuickGetPay through NewsPayForum.

  1. Register an account on NewsPayForum. Click Here to Register 
  2. Fill your Bank details and data on NewsPayForum
  3. Send NewsPayForum a request by contacting them to migrate your QuickGetPay Earnings to your NewsPayForum account. Details such as your username, email, account id
  4. Your Affiliate Earning + Activity Earnings + Sponsor Earning would be added to your Current Activity Earnings account on NewsPayForum
  5. Click on Withdrawal to Bank on the Advance Menu to get paid and click on REQUEST Payout on the Withdrawal Earnings Page, Your EARNINGS would be automatically deducted by NewsPayForum system. Please in addition, make sure you are also SHARING their VIRAL SHARE POST to get qualified for the payout. Their next cycle of Payment would be done Friday 10th of January, 2020 .

On successful Account Profile confirmation. Please note that your QuickGetPay account information must match your NewsPayForum account data.

If your data information registered on NewsPayForum doesn’t match your QuickGetPay account, your Transfer Earnings Request would be rejected.

Once your data matches your NewsPayForum and QuickGetPay data, your Transfer Earnings Request would be approved.


In summary.

Register a NewsPayForum account and make sure your account information matches your QuickGetPay account.

Request for Transfer Earnings (Activities Earnings + Sponsor Post Earnings + Affiliate Earnings) to be migrated to your NewsPayForum Activity Earnings. Once tranferred. Request to get paid by NewsPayForum by Clicking on Withdrawal to Bank Request.




N.B: We’ve moved to NewsPayForum. On successful payment, we implore you to send us your Account credit alerts or simply post your appreciation in our Testimony section.

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